Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting Crafty // Movie Poster Coasters

This is a simple and quick DIY project that you can gift or make for yourself. In this instance, I'm making these for a friend's birthday as she liked the ones I made for myself so I asked her her six favorite movies and printed out their movie posters.

What will you need?*

Step One: Trace the tile onto the cork and cut out. Trim the edges a bit so they are slightly smaller than the tile

Step Two: Outline the non cork side with glue and firmly press it on the back of the tile


 Step Three: Flip the tile over and cover the area that you will placing your print out with Mod Podge

Step Four: Place the print out on the tile and cover the entire thing with Mod Podge. Don't worry about streaks, it'll dry clear. 

If you printed on regular paper (like I did), it may start to bubble up, just smooth it out with your finger (if you're ok with getting a little messy) and add more Mod Podge. 

Step Five: Once the Mod Podge is dry (should only take a few minutes), spray with two thin layers of the shellac, waiting about an hour between layers. 

The reason why I add the shellac is because Mod Podge is not hot beverage friendly. I learned that the hard way when my mug full of hot coffee heated the Mod Podge and the coaster stuck to it, but not long enough and it fell to the floor and broke. 

Now use and enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Apartment Envy // Last Night

Last Night is one of those films that I can watch at any time, no matter how I'm feeling. Written and directed by Massy Tadjedin, a married couple, Joanna and Michael, (Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, respectively), spend the night apart and both are tempted to stray by equally attractive counterparts (Guillaume Canet and Eva Mendes).

It's a visually pretty film, with pretty music and pretty people walking around pretty settings (New York City and a little bit of Philadelphia) but the prettiest of all is Joanna and Michael's apartment in New York City. The space is open and large, which makes it the most appealing, and the neutral shade of the decor gives it a cozy feeling. It's the little things that make it as well - the various lamps, including two different ones on the nightstands, the "Berlin Wall of friggin' magazines," records and more. Some people dream of one day living in a mansion, I want this.

If you like this, check out:
Broken English. Without making it sound like a romantic comedy, Parker Posey plays Nora, a perpetually single New York woman unlucky in love, who has a chance encounter with a Frenchman (played by Melvil Poupaud who left me in a fit of giggles the one time I met him because he so Goddamn handsome).

Vanilla Sky. It's more fantasy (maybe even sci-fi?), but visually, the two films are very similar. Plus it's got a great soundtrack (yes, I rock out to Julie Gianni's I Fall Apart on the regular).