Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Help and a special kind of chocolate pie

Like most people, I have a habit of eating food while watching movies and most of the time I like that food to somehow correlate with the movie I am watching. Before I had even seen or read "The Help," all I heard about was that chocolate poop pie that gets served to one particularly bitchy character. When I happened upon this chocolate fudge pie via Chocolate-Covered Katie I knew I had to make the pie while taking in a viewing of the movie. Why might you ask? Well, if you did not click the link already, you will see that one of the main ingredients in the pie is tofu. Sure, it isn't poop, but it is definitely something you wouldn't expect in a chocolate pie.

Let me tell you, as someone who loves their chocolate, this pie is amazing and not as bad for you as other chocolate fudge pies. And there's no poop!

As for the movie, I did like it. I can definitely agree with the problems of the story (just Google "The Help problematic" and you will have plenty of articles to read through), but as a film, it was done in such a simple way, no over dramatic angles or montages and the actors were cast perfectly (with the exception of Emma Stone, who I normally love, but she was a bit forgettable for me). It was a nice movie to sit down and watch on a Sunday night with a big piece of chocolate pie.


I will say the one problem I had with making the pie was baking the crust. I tried three different recipes and each one ending disastrously, including, but not limited to, extreme shrinkage (go ahead and laugh, I am too at my choice of words), puffiness (even with the use of pie weights) and unevenness. I gave in and bought pre-made crust to bake. Not as good as from scratch, but it got the job done.

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