Thursday, May 26, 2016

About That Time I Went to a Taping of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

It's been a while since I've updated this thing, but what better way to come back than with a quick recap of that time I went to a taping of The Nightly Show? Late last year I went to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and that post was a bit more detailed because I went through the whole process of signing up for the lottery of sorts, waiting in line, etc etc. Attending this taping was a little easier because I went with a group from the New York Adventure Club, so all I had to do was sign up and show up. If you live in NYC and love to experience unusual and off the grid things, I would definitely suggest you sign up. This was only the second event I've attended but so far it's been really fun and there are a lot of events that I wish I could have gone to (looking at you, Green-Wood Cemetery & Catacombs by flashlight tour...) and hope to go to even more.

Back to the show. We were to be at the studio by 4:45pm but of course we waited around for a while before we were eventually let into the building where they checked our IDs, went through a metal detector and waited in a crowded room with just fans (not even oscillating) for way too long. It's one of those things where I understand why they want everyone to show up early and all that jazz, but waiting around is never fun. Eventually they called us in by groups and led us to our seats. I was surprised to hear that we could take pictures in the studio until the warm up guy came out (though of course I did see some rule breakers during the show who weren't stopped, but I knew if I tried I'd be caught and reprimanded).

Once we all got seated the warm up guy came out. He cracked a few jokes and handed out t-shirts and hats based on different criteria (who traveled the farthest, who went to the shittiest school and who was able to procure a condom the fastest). After that he introduced the stage manager and they tried riling us up to be the most enthusiastic that we could be. 

Then Larry comes out. He did a short Q&A with the audience which was fun. The first question was about the White House Correspondence Dinner, which he hosted, and he spoke about how Michelle Obama had the best side eye, not just physically but verbally, ie: "this motherfucker...." which he quickly redacted with a laugh

Another person asked if he would have Donald Trump on the show and he gladly said "HELL YEAH." That would be a trip, let's be honest. 

The next question was about what he does in his free time and he mentioned that he's a nerd who loves doing magic. I quickly raised my hand for a follow up question*. Back in 2008 he guest starred in an episode of How I Met Your Mother and if you know anything about Neil Patrick Harris, you know he loves magic, so naturally my question was "did you and Neil do any magic together while on set?" He said they were never on set together so no magic, but he did know Neil from when he was the President of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles and they hung out a lot back then. 

Now it's time for the show to start: the stage manager flails her arms to get us to cheer as loud as we can as Larry starts the show. This is wear something awesome happens, to me. He talks about Megyn Kelly's recent interview with Donald Trump where they talk about their relationship and Larry says that he doesn't care about their relationship, that they're not Ross and Rachel or Cookie and Lucious, or "whoever these people are. I don't know, I don't watch Big Bang Theory," then references How I Met Your Mother and points out to the audience aka ME! I was very excited about that. Instead of summarizing the entire episode you can watch it here (shout out to me is around 4:10). Basically, I just wanted to talk about the shout out, ha!

At the end of the show all of his panel and guests come out to close out the show but before the stage manager can rush the audience out, a few us "VIP" groups take a picture with Larry. He's much more taller than I thought. I don't know why. I always hear people say that about celebrities and I never thought that until I met him. 

I'm the one in the yellow pointing at him. Not sure why I did that. I already stand out with the yellow. Afterwards I realized Neil Patrick Harris likes to do the whole pointing thing so between that and my HIMYM question, I must seem like a huge NPH fan. What do huge NPH fans call themselves anyways? 

On that note...

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