Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The House of the Devil's Meatloaf

There seems to be a habit in my life where when a scary movie gets hyped up as the scariest thing ever, it ends up not being. The first time it happened was when an old co-worker, who was a huge horror movie fan, told me (in detail) the plot of Session 9. That night my roommate and I decided to turn on a fun movie and fell asleep in the same room together, we were that freaked out. A few years later I decided to suck it and watch it. Paranormal stuff is what really gets to me but Session 9 was borderline boring. 

Flash forward a couple of years ago to when my then roommates were watching The House of the Devil and screamed when I opened the door, claiming that they were watching a terrifying movie. I finally gave it a watch last week and though I loved the 80s aesthetic and build up, the end result felt like it came out of nowhere and went to quickly for me to be scared or even enjoy it.  

In honor of watching The House of the Devil I decided to make a meatloaf in the image of a typical devil. I used this recipe and added some red chili peppers as the horns, garlic as the eyes and black olives for the eyebrows and mouth. As you can see, the devil ain't so pretty after being baked in the oven but it was damn delicious. 

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