Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Alternative Thanksgiving Ideas Inspired By Movies

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and maybe you haven't thought of what to bring (if you need to) or you're just bored with the typical Thanksgiving offerings. Have no fear, here are some ideas from movies (and one TV show) to help you out!
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Home for the Holidays // Key Lime Pie with M & Ms
I'm going to start out with my cheat. I do like key lime pie but don't know many others who do, so I didn't want make a whole pie nor could I find a single slice (or whole frozen pie) of pie for a photo op. I settled with a key lime mousse at the local Fairway.

Now of course when I flew into Wisconsin for the holidays I saw plenty of pie options (and so many flavored creamers! I usually do half and half in my coffee but sometimes it's fun to try them but the grocery stores in NYC are just that, grocery stores. Wisconsin has SUPERMARKETS. Remember that scene towards the end of The Hurt Locker where his wife tells him to grab cereal and he goes and there's a whole aisle with tons of options? That was me, but with creamer. And we obviously felt overwhelmed for different reasons. But I did feel all "OMG CONSUMERISM!") Okay, back to the task at hand.

In one of my favorite movies, let alone one of my favorite holiday movies, Home for the Holidays, Aunt Glady, who has been in love with her sister's husband for years, brings his favorite pie for Thanksgiving: Key Lime Pie with M & Ms. Who knows, maybe a relative of yours will love it!
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Son In Law // Hungry Man
This is for those who don't want to cook for a whole family but still wants them to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Or you're celebrating alone. But that's a sad meal to eat alone. Grab a box of Stove Top and some cranberry sauce that comes in the shape of the can and call it a day.

Crawl (or crotch, if you're Lane Smith), doesn't have plans for Thanksgiving and plans to stay in the dorms with the Pilgrim Platter by Hungry Man. Sadly, the Pilgrim Platter doesn't exist, but they do have a turkey dinner with stuffing, vegetables and a cranberry cobbler.

Friends // Chandler's Thanksgiving Dinner
Chandler's parents told him they were divorcing over Thanksgiving dinner when he was nine years old.  Because of that announcement he saw his Thanksgiving dinner in reverse (he vom-ed), so he has sworn off the holiday, including it's traditional dinner. Instead he chooses to eat tomato soup, Funyuns, and grilled cheese. It's delicious and a great alternative, I see nothing wrong with it (sans Funyuns, those are nasty).

The Ice Storm // Key Party
Taking place over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1973, the two lead couples attend a key party. This is for when you need spice things up or want to freak out your friends. I brought the fish bowl to a "friends giving" and asked everyone to put in their keys without telling them why and they were all eager to put their keys in. Makes me wonder about them...

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