Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cocktail Hour // Dead Poets Society + Old Fashioned

Fall doesn't really feel official until I buy my annual bottle of Woodford Reserve. I'm not sure how it started or how I was even introduced to Woodford. When I first started going out to the bars I was a Maker's Mark sour gal until I realized I was poor as fuck and should just stick to Miller Lite's.

There are also certain movies that just make sense to watch in the fall. Kind of like Christmas movies but not as obvious. One of my fall movies is Dead Poets Society. It makes sense why it's a "fall film" - it starts at the beginning of the school year, the New England foliage is shown through much of the film - for me, at least.

What better way to celebrate fall (thought it's been in the 70s lately...) than combining the two?

Though Dead Poets Society does take place in New England I had to make an Old Fashioned the Wisconsin way.  I used this recipe from the Old Fashioned Tavern and Restaurant, but obviously I used Woodford instead of Korbel and between two grocery stores and two liquor stores I couldn't find Angostura bitter so I settled for orange bitters. I love New York but that is one of the many things I miss in Wisconsin: you can buy liquor, beer, wine, mixers, groceries and hygienic products all in one place. Sometimes even banking.

pre- and post-muddle

This is me trying to be all artsy blogger. How did those pistachios just fall out of the cup?  It's artistic! All kidding aside, I kind of like this picture, I may play around with unrealistic expectations set ups more often.

Now fix yourself an Old Fashioned (the Wisconsin way) and watch Dead Poets Society while the fall air breezes through your window!

Oh, Knox Overstreet, you're so dreamy.

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