Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cocktail Hour // The Gold Rush

When it comes to pairing cocktails with a movie it's usually a movie that inspires the cocktail, but not this time. I bought some ginger liqueur for another cocktail I wanted to make and attached to the bottle of it (Domaine de Canton) was a set of recipes including one that just needed bourbon and lemons (something I already had on hand), called The Gold Rush. I've made the mistake of buying mixers, liqueurs and such, using them maybe once because they can only be used in so many ways or need other mixers and liqueurs to compliment them, so I was happy to see I can actually make use of this particular liqueur.

I'm sure you can guess which movie I went with...Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush. Confession...I had never seen The Gold Rush before, but it definitely met the hype. The trailer and full movie are posted below, but first, the cocktail:

The Gold Rush
1 1/2 parts Domaine De Canton
1 part bourbon
1/2 part fresh lemon juice


Full Movie:

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