Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good #DZCFPWDAG

Before you head out to see Zoolander 2 this weekend, make sure you stop by The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don't Age Good (if you live in New York City). Here you have your youthfulness analyzed then learn about youthfulness, how to look young, how to avoid aging, and how to be all around beautiful, like Derek. In reality, it's a promo pop up shop partnership between the team behind Zoolander 2 and Kiehl's, which has created a limited edition line of products inspired by the film. 

It's easy to spot once you get to the corner of 14th and 8th. Banners of Derek hang from the building and a very enthusiastic greeter escorts you up the stairs to the Center. Right when you walk in they analyze your skin (not really, but it's a cute set up) and you continue from station to station. 

Hard working scientists greet you at the first station with a couple of samples

You are then welcome to smell "old" vs. "young"
Some "old" scents includ meatloaf and tobacco 

Here you learn the progression of "pants to nipple ratio" of men.
According the #DZCFPWDAG, the perfect ratio is 40:20

Here you practice your finger catwalk with plenty of clothing and footwear options

In the last stop, you take your newly found youth and everything you've learned to do a photoshoot. But before you do, you can take inspiration from Derek Zoolander's many looks.

Afterwards you learn about the actual products and receive some samples (I assume while supplies last)

Free to the public and all around fun, you probably will spend about 15-20 minutes here and leave looking more youthful than ever.

The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good Hours:
February 9-11: 4pm-8pm
February 12: 3pm-9pm
February 13: 12pm-6pm

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