Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Best of Tom Hanks

This coming Saturday, Tom Hanks is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time in 10 years; marking his 16th appearance on the show, his 9th as host.

Tom Hanks is many things: an actor, a comedian, a father, a husband, an Oscar winner and most importantly, he is America's sweetheart. Even if you don't care for his movies or think he's that talented, he is a Goddamn treasure, who most recently crashed a couple's wedding photoshoot.

With that, here is a sort of "Best of Hanks" to get you geared up for his latest hosting gig.

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You Music Video
In the music video we follow Hanx from the moment he wakes up to the end of the day where he meets with Carly and they dance their cares away. Did I mention he lip syncs in this? I'll admit, he didn't bring his best here, he more mumbles the lyrics and could have brought a bit more energy but the end dance sequence shows he's game for anything.

Plus, who wouldn't swipe right for Hanx?

Avoid the Clap
If you're a Hanks fan you probably thought, "oh, that scene from A League of Their Own" but no, I am referring to that time he was on Live with Regis and Kelly to promote Larry Crowne. During the interview, Regis and Kelly show Hanks a sketch that a young fan drew of him, but instead of keeping it, he personalized it with his autograph and the message "avoid the clap." He quickly reassured the audience that he meant he didn't want the kid to get a huge ego. It's a short but sweet (and funny) moment. You can watch the interview here, with the sketch bit starting at 6:15.

Tom Gets "wasted" with a Fan
The story is that a kid in North Dakota spotted Tom and his wife, Rita, out at a local diner and they proceeded to have fun, with the kid stealing Hanks' glasses and pretending to pass out while Hanks laughs at him.

I think the only thing better would be to actually get drunk with Hanks.

Saturday Night Live: Then and Now

Between his 16 appearances on the show, there are just too many great moments to choose as a "best" moment. The earliest sketch I can personally remember of his that still entertains me to this day was when he showed up on Wayne's World, during his fourth hosting gig, playing Garth's cousin who also happened to be a roadie for Aerosmith. The next time you have to test a microphone it will be hard not to say "sibilance."
Click here to view the sketch.

When Bruno Mars hosted in 2012 (one of the best episodes in recent years) they brought the Merryville Brothers sketch back for the third (and so far last) time, with a surprise appearance at the end by Hanks. You can view the sketch on Hulu, otherwise there is a not so high quality version on YouTube here.

Toddlers and Tiaras on Jimmy Kimmel
I have no words for this brilliant spoof. Just watch it.

He Runs His Own Lost and Found
He doesn't update his social media very often, but when he does, sometimes it is to help others find lost items. Below is just one example and he most famously reunited a Fordham University student with her ID. 

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